Thanks to my buddy Dan, who submitted this fantastic image of a bottle he was transporting. The brownish violet color is truly outstanding for its nauseating resemblance to liver. Dan describes this one as “vomelets” and I completely agree with him about the vomitous texture of the layer on the bottom.  It’s as if whoever … More Vomelets

I’m Pink and I Stink

Looks like heaven, smells like … well, I would tell you but I’m against huffing chemicals on principle. Let’s just say that you might feel woozy if you got a big whiff of this. The pink color is food grade and completely harmless, though.

Azure and impure

It’s the fresh color of a summer sky – but rather more lethal. The eye-catching characteristic color of copper(II) compounds belies its poisonous nature. The brown staining on the label adds a contrasting air of decay. And the lid matches!

Floating Booger Bottle

It’s the greenish-black floating blobs that get your attention in this waste bottle. I find it moderately nauseating. The floating insoluble white layer adds  contrast.  What do you think – is it a super-nasty snowglobe? Something you would find at the back of your refrigerator? (I hope not) The insoluble layer is a bit of … More Floating Booger Bottle